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ANTI FACTION: Kittan the poop by Ijuwaruu ANTI FACTION: Kittan the poop by Ijuwaruu
:iconanti-faction::iconanti-faction::iconanti-faction::iconanti-faction::iconanti-faction: :iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz:
SPARKLES AND IM SO SLEEPY- I will edit more on this later ;7; and ye- he changed quite a lot for one year LOL :icondedkittanplz: and i changed his SPECIAL- i need to take it off from the table later o<-<

"Why look at those boobs and butts when you can feel them?
Cherish them. Every Moment counts.
eventhough you know gravestone awaits for you yep." 

► ► ►   INTRO

Name: Aiden.               Alias: Kittan
Age: 26 years old        Gender: Male. Because it's obvious...//SLAPPED
Height:165 cm             Weight: 58kg
Birthday: Unknown.     Species: Known with a box with cat's ear Hybrid of Genet(feline)/Hyena(Carnivora)
Occupation: Scavenger.

Alliances: The Lost one, Capital City of Wasteland (a.k.a every one of main seven factions or claim to be)
Title: The Leader
Town/City: Metro Tunnel

► ► ►   IN DEPTH


Deceitful | Good Natured | Family oriented | Outgoing | Unpredictable | Weird | Pervert?(only applicable on the faction's leaders ROFL)

While his first expression would be one mysterious (even without his box, he able to make his ikemen look idek), manipulative person, He actually very weird, childish and idiotic.  This free spirited guy who always think that people are looking , seek attention to him, but it's actually only his thought. sadly, poor lad. He's also outgoing person-very shameless on what he does, his action usually lead his reputation slowly goes down to the pit of hell. He is very expressive - he doesn't usually walk in normally. He rolled into and making pose as he did the entrance. He enjoyed bullying, constantly bully and manipulating people's mind just to save himself. He's a good natured guy, always help people in need whenever they needed to. He also very dense when come to feeling and such- so it might take a while for his brain process  if you uses sarcasm to him eventho he usually does that to people. He always love and treats his underlings and the other leaders like a family even though they doesn't see him as one Rofl and really like to pet their head as the result. He's very cautious person due to its nature of surviving in the Wasteland. He's no longer being mysterious because he took off his box :icondedkittanplz: 

Likes and Dislike:

+ Scavenging
+ Looking for lost people 
+ Helping people in need.
+ Sarcasm / Bullying.
+ Teasing people by giving the judging look.
+ Bullying Everyone.
+ Being Weird/ DerpHerp around
Being fabulous.
+ Using other people as meat-shield after he touch all those stuff if you know what I mean-
+ Patting people
+ Making Perv comment. not even sure why
cockblocking  any couple that he sees fits //shotd
+ Making People uncomfortable.
+ Collecting stuff, usually collection more boxes for its headmask.

- The Elite people (ironicly because he always save every elite who escape from it)
- Taller people.
- Getting bullied (he is)
- Not being loved
- People who try to snatch the box (hint hint Yukio //ded)
- People who touch his thang, esp sleeping on his bed.
- Deathclaw (because he's not strong enough to kick their butt off)
- Yukio, because he always squish his butt :icondeadbodyplz:
- People who touch it's box
- ^ or trying to peek inside it. (because that person will be kill instantly ROFL although he usually take it off from time to time
- Sunny weather. Sun. ROFL
- Falling asleep He gets nightmare.


Cheshire cat

It's unknown where It was originally come from, but it has been saying as a replica of Cheshire in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, possessing the same personality Mad , Crazy, Mysterious , ability and even the look of it. It has been rumored that this cat is maybe a computer program from one of the wasteland facility due to it's power of disappear and appears having the look of program would do. It is still unknown on why it chooses kittan as its owner and becoming kittan's personal guide.
With This, Kittan has an ability to use the abilities of Cheshire Cat as long as Cheshire let him use it- meaning he can able to this kind of power .
As Cheshire for most of the time, doesn't help Kittan in fighting , it usually give support to Kittan with ability (for most to escape fight) and act as weapon holder for Kittan (to defend himself) usually in form of surprises for him. However , For greater use of Cheshire's ability either on itself or Kittan, it will affect greatly on Kittan as It uses his energy as its vessel. As result, if he/cheshire attempt to do it, it can cause great everlasting pain for Kittan nope, it won't let kittan died ROFL. its like suffering before dying :icondeadbodyplz:

Testa revolver

Small energy weapon only used for self-defence In case Cheshire ran away or something ded Very powerful, but limited in usage/easily burn out.

► ► ► STATS


Perception / Endurance / Agility
Kittan is highly agile with quick reflexes and exceptional climbing skills.  With his capability of high make kittan a skillful hunter but also a scavenger. In case of Survival, He usually select easiest and attractive prey that he could find as food. Yep. For most, he usually does his trick by speech or dodging any hostile's attack. Other than that, due to living in harsh world of wasteland for quite long , His endurance are above the top able to take any damage from hostile, making him suitable as meat-shield as he taunt them more.


Speech | Barter | Survival | Sarcasm (wut)

He's good in more less-combative skill- mainly on speech, barter and surviving the harsh land. He's also capable to make Poison, Chems and Consumable food/drinks just by scavenging the scattered items in wasteland (but he's not really capable of making delicious food LOL). 


Street-Smart He is not smart- he's pretty much the most idiotic guy that you ever meet. (he is street smart however if he uses his brain.)
He's also relying alot on Cheshire- meaning When Cheshire isn't there, Kittan is pretty much useless in battling. Also Cheshire, unlike other entity, This cat is very independent , it has free will and have full control of itself herefore it has will whether to let Kittan use its ability or not. Also he's bad at repairing, crafting and using medic, so please don't refer to him if you need something to fix on. (unless if you want to get poison, feel free o<-< )
After one year, he actually learn on how to use gun so he's capable of using small gun at the moment.

Additional Perks:

•  Good Natured
•  Wild Wasteland


Kittan once a human resident of capital wasteland , able to experience his young life as normal kid until the atomic bomb striked to the wasteland which forced him to move to the small town without his family called Long 14,A town that said that free from everything, a 'safe zone' from what rumor has told them to. But fortunately for him, he able to survive from the effect of the bomb that is becoming kemonomimis.

But then in 2077, where it changes everything- the second bomb hit wasteland and unfortunately the bomb landed right next to the town that he living on, leaving none but dead bodies and himself, almost all his limbs including his face nearly torn off into pieces. Unable to bear the pain and yet his sould won't leave his body away, he looked for something, someone that could end his life at that time and he found a cat, a floating cat who introducing itself as Cheshire Cat. Asking for help to end his life, he told the cat his last wish. But the cat only shook its head, didn't want him to end his life like that. Instead of that, the cat asked him for other wish, wanting to help Kittan and even sacrificing its own life and time just to be Kittan's guidance. Confuzzled and Awed by the cat's action with addition of his suffering of holding the pain, He quickly wish for to get rid of the pain and one other secret that only himself and the cat will know. Kittan fainted and the next thing he remembered, he woke up as one piece. Looking himself with all stitches  around him and a large marks on both of his arms, he then determined to look what the cause behind all these. 

From there, He become wanderer, jumping from one faction to another to look information then he discovered that it was the other side of the city that made Wasteland in this messed and destructive way. Feeling mixture of anger, disappointment, rages, all the negative feelings, Kittan decided to make his own faction to fight against these elite and hope to bring wasteland back to life. Kittan finally settle down at the small town or group located underground metro called Metro junkyard. From there, he actually started his own faction, and looked for people and provide them shelter from there in exchange that they willing to help him to build his group.
to be fix lataa


  • Shin ( His best buddy, His most trusted right hand man, also his chef for most of the time. because he suck at cooking.)
  • Dango (Another close buddy of him- usually uses him as his meat-shield as any kind of misfortune for him)
  • Mikaiyla  (CLENCHING :iconromanobuttplz: BUDDIES //unconsciously dotes of her, clings to her. IDK, HE JUST LIKES HER THAT MUCH. BUT HE JUST DONT REALIZED THAT IT A LIKE LIKE-- )
  • Yukio ( Love and Hate relationship. Kittan doesn't really like Yukio much because of his constant attempt to take his box, but still consider as famiri.)
  • Naomi (:iconpepasplz: & :iconnaomipepasplz: the pepas buddies)
  • Media (:iconskankplz: & :iconmediaskankplz: buddies, they are more ice and fire relationship X'D They actually used to be close when they were young and well, Shet happened.)
  • Echo  ( Kittan love to pet his head because he's short ded)
  • Seine (He got bullied several time by her. He's not sure why he got bullied. //sadfaisu)
  • Val: (His minion, i mean, im not sure how their relationship work. rofl.  also secretly ship him with Shin thanks to another accidentally kiss stuff ROFL)
  • Xin (secretly is a Kyubeey's of her mahou shoujo. i mean, the awkward duo. )
  • Tomoya: ( He secretly ship him with Shin thanks to that accidental kiss in bar scene)

► ► ► EXTRAS:

    ✖  Cheshire is now holding the box as it's toy and this due to its capability to protect the box much more longer than he is.
    ✖  Kittan still have problem wearing without his box. So he actually still using his box from time to time, AND ALSO BECAUSE HE FEEL LIKE IT.
    ✖  has huge mutated scar on his neck to his both arms to show that he survived from the atomic bomb from 10 years ago.
    ✖  He had 4 older siblings, but they all died during the first bomb including his parent.
    ✖  also having a lot of scar on his/her face.
    ✖  There's something more on the past that made him hate sleeping- the past keep on haunting him whenever he fell asleep.
    ✖ Kittan has large collection of paper bags and boxes , with same color but different design. So that he well-blend into other faction   without problem   //ded
    ✖ Kittan doesn't like people that comes from Elite because of the great life status and title and shet.
    ✖ ^ always do sarcastic tone and comment whenever Dango do something. ;u; so mean.
    ✖ know how to choose people well because it's strong instinct (and it never wrong lel). that's a lie
    ✖ Cheshire can speak but it rarely does, if it do, only important things and only speak when it alone with Kittan.
    ✖ God knows how Kittan able to do expression on the box ROFL
    ✖ Kittan has very good eyesight but can't see well with his box on- he uses Cheshire as his sense of direction.


S = 2+ (2x5) + (4/2) = 2+10+2 =14
P= 2+(2x10) + (4/2) = 2 + 20 + 2 = 24
E = 2 (2x10)+ (4/2) = 2 + 20 + 2 = 24
C= 2+ (2x5) +(4/2)= 2+ 10 + 2 = 14
I= 2+ (2x1) +(4/2)= 2 +2 + 2= 6
A= 2+ (2x10) +(4/2) = 2+ 20 + 2 = 24
L= 2+ (2x4) +(4/2) = 2 + 8 + 2 = 12
Barter: 14+15 = 29 Speech = 14+15= 29 Survival 24+15 = 39
Energy Weapons = 24 Explosives = 24 Small Guns = 24
Lockpick = 24 Medicine = 6 Melee Weapons = 14
Big Gun = 14  Repair = Science = 6
Sneak = 24 Unarmed = 24


Mini Reference: Kittan by izuraru
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