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August 6, 2013
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Zero-Period App: Soramu Momo by Ijuwaruu Zero-Period App: Soramu Momo by Ijuwaruu

App for :iconzero-period: , come join people QWQ i need a friend there qwq
anyway, need to fix background more before on hiatus :iconhttgplz: i mean look all that phail english and plot hole on background section sobs :iconpapmingplz:


Name: Soramu Momo a.k.a momotan <3
Age/Year: 16, Freshman
Alter-ego species: kemonomimi- rabbit
Height:  185cm / 6'1
Weapon:  Magical bunny paintbrush 
Abilities:: painting where he able to create out from his drawing.  which actually only for visual look /slapped  but his ability can be deadly when he get serious on it. (reality warping however its limited how well he draw...useless ability for poor drawer like him :iconmingplz:)
Pet: A bunny named Tsuki which can change its appearance to Paint brush in alter world
Strong in studies?: Very baddo
Strongest/Weakest subject: 
  • Strongest : ; Reccess Time, heck i'm not even sure what he even good for o/ History, Engineering.
  • Weakest: Art... or most of the subjects


Outgoing | Cheerful | Dork | Bold | Friendly | Idiot
Momo is by appearance may look difficult to approach due to his innocent, charmingly quiet look, but he's actually very bubbly and outgoing person who love to express his affection way too much(and publicly too) if he found something that he like. Other than that, He is also persistent, naive and childish too - which make people found him annoyingly funny in kind of a way, but when he put mind/focus on it, he can be very serious and helpful. He is also an idiot, so it's hard for him to keep up with studies but He only take interest on studying if its something that he really like- such as History which he unexpectedly good at it because he loves fixing old items. He also love Art because he love drawing but sadly it's his weakest subject simply because he just can't draw.

Background : 
Momo is your typical everyday kid who live simple and happy life until one day, He nearly get himself into huge trouble, thanks to his naiveness. Thankfully, A young man named Hayden who was at that time passing by and helped Momo out from it. From there, Momo fell in love with him amg chessy and devoted himself to become his personal assistant. However things weren't went too well as Momo kept getting himself in trouble , always flunk with his studies that he eventually drop out school. Hayden wasn't happy about it and quickly send him to Shuukudai Academy because he thought that academy would be fun as well as challenging for Momo. 

Gonna edit more on this QWQ my english is crying rn

  • Hayden, Hayden and Hayden //cough
  • Tsunderes or people who finds him annoying because he thought other way around rofl<3 because he's an idiot.. you see D:
  • Drawing eventho he's very bad drawer himself
  • People who hate touchy people.
  • sour food or extremely sour sweet
  • color purple
  • bunny/rabbits
  • anything smaller than him 
  • fixing things
  • Gross stuff (i dont even kno man)
  • When Hayden ignoring him LEL
  • Bara (overly manly man lol)
  • Mayonnaise and cats ( he has past on it)
  • Im not sure what his dislike D:
  • Darkness- he had to cling someone in his sleep.
  • Cold hearted person like really cold
  • He always wear scarf no matter how hot the weather was, Even though in the end, he eventually take it off
  • He likes to address people with cute nickname- well chan, chii and tan for most. 
  • Despite that he loves drawing so much, he is actually a bad drawer.
  • He only good at drawing stick figures...
  • He's a great pastry chef as well as a good cooker as well.
  • Momo has extreme fondness toward bunnies and rabbits- he has full collection of their merchandises. (Including underwear shh)
  • He has heterochromia eyes, blue on his right and golden on his left. 
  • ^ is the reason why he usually cover it up with eyepatch. He get phobia because people keep on judging him about his eyes.
  • He's no longer using his eye patch due to someone, but he still using if he's still needed it
  • Momo has a twin- which is a male annd polar opposite of him-… <- check him out
  • Momo is pansexual.
  • Momo usually seen in his mechanic outfit in his free time- usually help to fix stuff
  • He has cat keychain given by Hayden that he always keep beside him
  • He has a pet named Tsuki but no one ever actually seen Tsuki anywhere except in alt. world.
  • Tsuki is normally is in magical paint brush on alter ego but normally its just there as normal pet.

Mamoru Soramu:  His Younger Twin 
Riku Xyllea : His Arch-Nemesis ROFL
Hayden Frost : The one he obsess with. God knows why /how he love that guy so much 
More to be added because i FORGOT QWQWQWQWQ


:iconimseriousplz: i had to use Hayden cross ap ftw QWQ;;; as plot-driven for this guy. i feel it won't complete with him inmaybe because i love Hayden so much //slapped

Newer Reference:
:Momo Reference doodle--dump by izuraru
hes her face (IDEK)
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chuguri Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
aaaaaah ♥u♥ WHAT A CUTIE <33
i-i hope we can rp if you're ever interested! c:
Ijuwaruu Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you<333 ;u;;; of course i would love to rp with your oc<33
DjNekoiNeko Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
:iconheplz: oo another eyepatch baka i see LOL. but omg lol hes so cute and he can just create a stick person out of his drawing to fight for him and there we go LOOOOL omg //brickd butdang ugh fwe so many cool ppl in this group, itd be cool to rp with him sometime!  u Wu
Ijuwaruu Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AMG, lelele<3 they are like partner in crime eye patch buddies npnp X'D ROFL but mostly the drawing are just too weak because of his ugly drawing *sobs* XD thank you! yes, we should totally rp sometime soon<3
DjNekoiNeko Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013
omg lol one day when i am not tooo busy ill draw all the eyepatch people in this group and yayy badass patches yESS : > but haha omg give that stickperson some fire, rocks or something to make it less weak LOL but which way of rping do you prefer? cause for me i prefer skype if that is okay with you?
Ijuwaruu Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
amg yes, and we will be all the badass yankee npnp XD he will someday ;u;
for now, ill just make him do rainbow sparkles as his ability rofl xD (like color the whole monsters into cute and yet horrible rainbow stick figure np)
I'm alright with anything o/ just hit me up if you do skype because i'm very awk on skype ;u;
Kiyopee Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ijuwaruu Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AikoSora Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013
Likes: "+ Tsunderes or people who finds him annoying because he thought other way around rofl<3 because he's an idiot.. you see D:"
Oh saki... You're going to make friends <3
saki: tch. A true idiot indeed.
//glares at momo.
Ijuwaruu Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The overly attached friend npnp<3 rofl XD

Momo: *flinches 'those glares' she must be mad because i don't cling to her* SAKI-CHAN! *clings*
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